Inquiry Based Learning
How does Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) method help improve academic achievement and performance in STEM subjects?

Memorizing facts or theories does not promote or develop problem-solving skills, but when children are allowed to question, investigate, reason, and organize knowledge; they are able to incorporate new knowledge into their understanding.

Research has shown this would increase children’s engagement and develop confidence in themselves. 

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) helps develop children’s understanding of the world around them through gathering knowledge out of their own curiosity. Through IBL, students are not only encouraged to ask questions but also motivated to figure out the answers on their own.

At Wonderlings

Building a Good Foundation to Incorporate New Knowledge and the Cognitive Skills to Excel in Academic Performance
Acquire Communication Skills In Different Social Settings
Developing Critical Thinking & Problem-solving
Communication - Wonderlings

At Wonderlings, using IBL method, we guide your little ones to build a good foundation and develop such cognitive skills to excel in academic performance. Such curious mind is instrumental to understanding the STEM subjects via greater student involvement and makes students learn faster. This could save learning time.

Classes are conducted in English. Children would be immersed in English environment during lessons. Through various games and explorative activities, children interact with other students joyfully and subconsciously acquire communication skills in different social settings. When they are placed in varied situations (such as interview), they would be able to stay confident in composed manner.

Thanks Teacher Alida! I can see how he grows up in this summer, and he tells me that he loves Wonderlings now!

Theodore's Mommy

Felix was resistant to brush his teeth before he came to Wonderlings. However, Miss Alida guided Felix through games and stories, he is no longer afraid of brushing his teeth now. Thank you teacher so much!

Felix's mommy

Moses enjoys the class very much. After each lesson, he will ask me when he will come to Wonderlings again. He enjoys learning with freedom. When the teacher tells him stories and plays games, I see Moses is building up his confidence through learning here.

Moses's Mommy

課室陽光好充足,好有朝氣活力!Drama 課其實更像扮演遊戲課,一起扮過馬路、揸車、尋寶、跟節拍活動。佢都好投入,可以好自然咁學習英文,跟隨老師英文嘅command,玩得好開心!仲可以培養佢嘅幻想力同創造力!之後返到屋企之後,佢都識同我一齊玩幻想遊戲!真係媽媽都學到野!


We love spending time with you!

Lianne's Mommy

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