Inquiry-based Methodology


Authentic language use


Developing Critical thinking & problem-solving

When teachers create CURIOSITY in their classrooms, kids start to wonder…
when they wonder, they want to learn.

Dr. Rick Wormeli

Curious Minds Want To Learn -Wonderlings

Curious minds want to learn

and for this reason, Wonderlings uses an Inquiry-based approach to education. Adopted by many international schools in Hong Kong as it encourages critical thinking, and problem-solving, it nurtures strong-communication skills and is naturally motivating for learners of any age.

In Inquiry-based learning, the role of the student is emphasized. Their driving questions are what directs the curriculum so that while we’re still able to plot learning objectives, how we get there is led by the learners. In this way, we’re able to increase student engagement, students learn how to learn and students take more ownership of their own learning.
Inquiry-Based Methodology - Wonderlings
Inquiry-Based Methodology - Wonderlings
Our curriculum is created to be flexible in structure and theme to make it truly child-centred, but steady in objectives to build skill and knowledge. Propelled by children’s curiosity, our curriculum teaches skills needed for Communication and Dramatic Arts, while reinforcing how to learn and where to find the answers to their driving questions.